Shall we?

It’s not easy starting a blog. Did someone say it was? They must have, sometime, because here I’ve been berating myself for not plucking up the courage and “just doing it” sooner. I share blog-like thoughts all the time on my Instagram stories, prompting friends to reply with pleas for me to collect my thoughts in a more permanent spot—but starting a blog isn’t easy. Before I can start typing, there’s the design to set, and the theme to customize, and the hosting platform to choose, and if I’m going to be building a website, then I might as well make a project out of it and teach myself to code…

You can see why it’s taken me till now to “just do it.”

Still, I figured the start of a new year was a good a time as any to begin. It’s an excuse to throw all distracting concerns to the wind (or, more honestly, to stop letting the distractions delay the nerve-wracking prospect of sharing my thoughts with the internet) and start fresh with a blank blog, as simple as they come.

So. Here we are. Let’s begin.

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