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The masked Marvel hero Moon Knight stands ready for action in his mummy-wrapped costume. Behind him, the sky is dark but for a string of small colorful lights and pennant flags, as if he's at a carnival.

Hey Alma

I’ve been holding my breath for two and a half years. Two and a half years since Marvel announced that Moon Knight would be joining their roster of silver-screen superheroes….

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It's All Genre to Me

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Elul: Recommitting to Imperfection

Elul is a time of reflection. We take account of our year, the highs and lows, and for any harms we’ve caused we begin the process of teshuvah. Teshuvah is often translated as “repentance,” though it means something closer to “return.” And while we take steps to recognize, desist from, and make reparation for our…

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Av: A Fresh Start

I may lack the proper reverence for Av. I’ve heard it called the Moon of Destruction, of Thresholds, of Beginnings and Endings. It’s the month in which many of our people’s greatest tragedies took place—the destruction of both Temples, our expulsions from England and Spain, and numerous massacres stretching back from the Holocaust to the…

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Tammuz: The Hottest Month

There, the women sit and make the Heated God cry.Ezekiel 8:14 Tammuz was a Babylonian god. He began as a shepherd, became a farmer, and married Inanna, the Goddess of Desire. When her time came to go down to the Underworld, she sent her husband to die for her. His followers mourned his passage each…

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