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The masked Marvel hero Moon Knight stands ready for action in his mummy-wrapped costume. Behind him, the sky is dark but for a string of small colorful lights and pennant flags, as if he's at a carnival.

Hey Alma

I’ve been holding my breath for two and a half years. Two and a half years since Marvel announced that Moon Knight would be joining their roster of silver-screen superheroes….

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness It's All Genre to Me

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A young woman crouches next to an archery target, giving a thumbs-up. She's hit the target with four arrows, one in each of the four concentric rings. The centermost is a bullseye.

Sivan: The Month of Listening

Listening, receiving, revelation—Sivan is a month of many names. What they all share in common is the idea that somewhere out there, something has a lesson for us, if only we can figure out how to accept it. This, historically, has not been my strong suit. Especially when it came to my writing, I was…

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A long table covered in a vintage lace tablecloth holds eight places set with nice dishes, cyanotype menus, homemade matzo, and a seder plate.

Passover: A Feast of Freedom

The story of Exodus is in so many ways synonymous with freedom. It’s become a powerful metaphor not just for the Jewish people but for countless others—formerly enslaved or incarcerated people, immigrants, refugees—who have found solace and empowerment in this story of liberation. It’s a story that recognizes the resilience of the oppressed and valorizes diasporic migration as a survival strategy as ancient as it is essential.

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A woman looks into a window cut into a massive concrete slab. The installation is part of a Holocaust memorial, but the sun is shining and the trees behind her are vibrant green.

Iyar: The Month of Healing

“Healing” has such a lovely ring to it. It makes me think of white light and soft bedding and gently flowing water—like when Frodo wakes up in Rivendell at the end of Return of the King.

But the past month has confronted me with the reality that healing isn’t really that peaceful. It’s uncomfortable. It’s frustrating. Sometimes it’s even painful.

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